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There are still a few bands out there who believe in MELTING YOUR FACE, making your ears bleed and blowing you out of your chair all at the same time. Shame on you for thinking otherwise! If DEAD MODERN VILLAINS are still a mystery to you... Well my friend, that’s okay. You’re at the right place to get to know the band.


Spinning a brand of High Beam and dirty blues, they live and breathe rock 'n' roll in its many forms. The VILLAINS represent a group of musicians that love what they do, do it well and are willing to work to no end to rock their sound. DMV delivers melodic, catchy music that has deep seeded Progressive-Alternative-Hard–Rock roots. This is one group that's extremely determined and passionate about their songwriting craft. They know what it means to be a no holds barred Rock n Roll band, and they'll be rocking ferociously whenever the hell they feel like it!


Their first full-length endeavor, aptly named 'WISCONSIN BLUES,'was recorded at ROCK GARDEN STUDIOS in 2011 and carried 15 tracks of high-energy rock + roll! After more than 2 years of touring and writing, the band released its second full length album, 'PHANTASMAGORIA.' 12 songs, each with a unique vibe, packed their DOUBLE-LP. The project was made possible by the support received through a KICKSTARTER campaign.


As for now, the band is set to release a follow-up EP titled 'UNLOCKED,' which includes 4 tracks that are meant to be played LOUD! ROCK GARDEN STUDIOS in appleton once again was called home for the recording.

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